Saturday, August 20, 2016


4th JUNE 2016 ~ I was finding my way to the mosque and I had to walk through Daan Forest Park. It had provided shelter to pedestrians from the scorching hot summer's sun. It was a large park but walking under the shady trees, you would not be aware of the heat and the distance.

I wonder when we are going to have a park like this in our country. In a housing estate, for once, you would see an empty plot of land and you would be hoping for a small park, or at least a playground for kids. After a few years, more new buildings and houses would be erected on the same plot of land. There is no such thing as to live in natural surroundings. 

LEFT: walking the dogs

a man feeding pigeons

birdwatchers society, I think

And I had to walk through this park again from the mosque to get to the train station but I was not complaining.