Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Finally, I managed to set foot into this famous restaurant: Kari Kambing 40 Hari [translate: 40-day mutton curry]. It is located at Yong Peng, Batu Pahat and I was having a meeting at a school nearby. A few friends decided to skip lunch provided after the meeting and came here instead. Luckily there were not many people so we did not have to queue for seats.

Here, people could also choose the rice to be served in trays and they could even sit on the floor while enjoying the food - the traditional way.

MY VERDICT: The rice was super light and soft and the mutton was very tender and very delicious. But that mutton did not have any curry taste at all so that could not be mutton curry. It was "nasi arab" [translate: Arab Rice?] with mutton briyani,I think. Or perhaps I did not actually order the mutton curry but decided to have the same food my other friends were eating. However, the food was DELICIOUS and I would highly recommend this place. Do not come on weekends unless you want to wait in queue for your food.

Anyway, I find the reviews written by some people in Tripadvisor were not justified. I think those people were either too fussy or having very high expectation.

I must say everybody went back home with a happy tummy. I am already thinking of making a comeback for its "roti canai".

I sound more excited of the gastronomic discovery rather than the meeting, so here is the report in brief:

The meeting was held at SMK Dato Seth, Yong Peng, Batu Pahat. Believe it or not, this was our seventh meeting and we got tired of them already. People did not take many photos anymore. And there is one more coming on Thursday.

This time I met an old friend from 4th College UPM who used to be my senior, Mr. Kamaruzali Warman. He is now holding the post of the Senior Assistant of that school. Too bad we cannot sit too long to chit chat but I really hope to be able to meet him again some other time. I just cannot believe the fact that I am so much bigger than him now. *sigh*