Friday, December 9, 2016


4TH DECEMBER 2016 ~ We arrived at the hotel too early to check in so we decided to familiarize ourselves with the place initially. The first spot we went to was the Tourists Information Centre at the heart of the town. Unfortunately, it was not opened as it was a Sunday. However, there were still people around and we managed to strike a conversation with one of the staff and get the maps of Luang Prabang.

We then continued walking and saw many other tourists on the street, and many of them were westerners/Caucasian. The road was not busy at all and there were even not many motorcycles, unlike other cities in Indochina that I had visited before. You could walk safely here, without being worried to get hit by any vehicles.

There was this one stall selling all types of bread, pastries and cakes. Many people could be seen buying throughout our stay. We checked out this outlet too but were disappointed as the only gluten free food available was the chocolate cupcakes.

As we continued walking to exactly nowhere, the were locals sitting by the roadsides, selling all kinds of touristy items. All of them were women. I guess the men must be occupied with other work which required hard labour somewhere else. :)

Women sewing or stitching while waiting for people to come look at their merchandise items was a common sight in Luang Prabang. These people must be very good with needlework.

We simple walked until the end of the stretch of the straight main road through the town and then went into this one handicraft shop, and unexpectedly, we were given a free ride somewhere else.


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