Friday, December 2, 2016


This is one book I took months reading. There was no plot development, and everything seemed to be just monotonous with no rising action or climax right until the end, but I never gave up and finished it finally. I guess that should depict the life in Iran at that time - dull and nothing exciting.

The writing is a description of life in Tehran/Iran from the eyes of the author, who was a lecturer in a university, as well as the girls in her literature class which then later became some sort of a book club. They really took their literature novel seriously, relating the characters and the events from the books to their the happenings in their every day life. When I was in university, reading literature novels was more of a course requirement activity but these people were really obsessed with what they had read. 

One thing for sure after reading this book is I am really thankful for being born and raised in my country. Reading the memoir of Nafisi should provide an insight of the life in Iran in the 90's and I wonder how things are now. AirAsia has direct flights to Tehran now if I really want to find out more. This after effect of reading could be quite bad. And I just found out that there are other novels by Nafisi which I could try to get hold on one day.