Friday, December 23, 2016


5TH DECEMBER 2016 ~ We met a husband and wife couple from Ipoh, Malaysia, in the minivan at the airport when we first arrived in Laos and accidentally we were staying at the same hotel. Mr. Foo and his partner happen to be teachers too and we were all clicked instantly. We even decided to go to Kuangsi Waterfalls together the following day. Mr. Foo was the one who got us a tuk tuk and bargained the price with the driver to get us to the waterfalls. There were five of us and we paid 35 000 Kip each for the trips to and fro. [Thank you Mr. Foo]. 

Visitors first need to pay (a small) entrance fees at the gate. Sorry I could not remember how much. Then you would first see the Bear Rescue Centre and walk further in along the wide jungle tracks before seeing the smaller streams.

As we walked further uphill, there were bigger streams and ponds filled with blue and crystal clear water. The waterfalls cascaded at different levels so in order to see more, more walking would be required. The hiking tracks were not steep and considerably safe with the appropriate footwear worn.

Not all the ponds/streams were opened for swimming though. Make sure you find the right spot before jumping into the water.

The view there was just amazing, with the sound of water rushing down the mountain, green trees all around and the cool air. This was just the beginning and there was still a lot more to see as we went further up.