Wednesday, December 21, 2016


4th December 2016 ~ When we arrived, another event that was going on was Luang Prabang Film Festival. The main venue was the open are at the city centre. We could see people were busy rehearsing for a performance when we walked past this area.

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I managed to watch a few performances in the evening of my first day there. The first one was a live band performance playing traditional Lao music.

Then there was this puppet theatre which I think was for children. It had something to do with monkeys and people chopping down trees in the forest, therefore it could be related to the theme of love the environment.

The last performance was a Lao boy band named Extreme, presenting contemporary pop music and songs. They were good and I was surprisingly entertained despite the language barrier, while my two other travel companions were busy at the night market.

Every evening, there were movie screenings at the same spot and there were many people who came to watch the free movies under the stars.

I was just hoping there would be more traditional performances before the movies were shown to the crowd.