Monday, December 12, 2016


4th DECEMBER 2016 ~ We saw this Handicraft Festival by accident while walking at the town centre. The real title of this festival as printed on the banner was quite a mouthful: "Invitation to the Luang Prabang Handicrafts Exhibition for the Celebration of 41 Laos National Day and 21st Anniversary of Luang Prabang's World Heritage".

We decided to have a look to see if there would be anything interesting going on.

We saw three beautiful elderly ladies walking to the same event and we excitedly asked them to take photographs with us.

I was hoping to see a free cultural show as there was a stage in the compound.

There were not many visitors yet and people at the festival were still in the preparation stage. Other than handicrafts, there were stalls selling (or giving away for free) traditional Lao food.

We met the same guy we first saw at the Tourists Information Centre and promised him to come back later to this place.

to be continued...