Sunday, December 11, 2016



a tribal skirt

4th DECEMBER 2016 ~ OCK POP TOCK means "east meets west" in Lao language. It provides a platform for the locals to market their locally made products to foreigners visiting Laos.  

batik, Laos style

In Laos, weaving and sewing are only meant for women. Girls have been taught how to sew at early age. On the other hand, men only weave bamboo strips to produce items like mats and baskets.

You could also learn weaving at this place but you have to spend more time here.

Herbs plants can be found all around the place. These herbs are used in manufacturing the silk cloths.

We then went into the shop and it had a spectrum of bright and cheerful colours. If you are thinking of decorating your house with ethnic or tribal theme, this is the place where you could get all that you need. Just make sure you bring more money and get bigger luggage space for your flight. You could get similar items at the night market but they will be not of the same quality.

We finally went into this wooden traditional Lao house which exhibited a small collection of textiles.

We were happy to learn one part of the Lao culture. We could observe that the women especially are still dressed in their traditional short sarongs every day - at the market, in town and the girls wear them to school as their uniforms. I am not sure whether people in big city still practice the same thing, but in Luang Prabang, tradition is alive and not staged.

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