Sunday, December 11, 2016


4th DECEMBER 2016 ~ There was this very old building on the main road. This should be some sort of a French colonial building. It was the town's public library and being curious, we wandered around the compound to take photos. Then a local and young English-speaking man emerged from nowhere and we found out that he was the librarian here. We were told we could enter the premise so we continued exploring inside. 

This was a small library with a small collection of reading materials. There were just a few people inside and I suspected they were visiting for the free wi-fi.

an exhibit at the Science corner

The children's section was very bright and colourful with mural paintings on the walls.

something like a discussion room

Visitors could do a good deed by buying books and donating them for people in the remote villages.

This visit was actually not in our itinerary (we did not have any specific itinerary anyway) but visiting the library could be possible when you go for a free-and-easy holiday. One reason it is better to go on your own rather than following a tour group. 

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