Tuesday, December 20, 2016


4th DECEMBER 2016 ~ It is fascinating to know that watching the sunset is one of the favourite activities among tourists. It is a way for you to appreciate nature, just by looking at the blue sky and the clouds, the green mountains far away and the beautiful sun; and that should bring you closer to the Creator.

By the time we reached the top, there were already a crowd of tourists (mostly) gathered at all the possible spaces that could be occupied. Some people were already located at strategic spots so as to get the best view for the sunset. It was a zoo out there so if you are imagining a serene moment when you could be one with nature, that is not going to happen.

I think I could become rich if I sell bottled mineral water here.

I just decided to stay there under the stupa of the temple to watch the awesome view. However, it was quite impossible not to get people's heads or hands with phones/cameras raised high in the air. I think I should be happy with what I managed to capture with my humble compact camera.

people waiting patiently...

the Mekong River

"When I admire the wonders of a sunset
or the beauty of the moon,
my soul expands in the worship
of the Creator."


the excited people with their cameras/phones
When the surrounding got darker, then only people started moving down the hill to get back to other touristy activities.

This was the temple area that we saw on our way back.

And this was the other entrance/exit that could be used to go up/down the hill.

That should conclude our daytime exploration on the first day in Luang Prabang. Of course I felt very tired (but happy). I must say we did quite a lot after we had arrived in the morning despite the loosely planned schedule. 

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