Thursday, December 29, 2016


5th December 2016 ~ We went again to the same venue where Luang Prabang Handicrafts Festival was held. This time, people were already in their best traditional costumes or formal attires as there should be some sort of opening ceremony.

There were live demonstrations of traditional handicrafts making activities and more stalls selling local fabrics were already operating.

There was this traditional Lao house but I did not enter as I was too lazy to take off my shoes and I would have to pay to see the exhibits inside.

I was expecting for a (free) traditional cultural show during the opening ceremony but that never happened. 

The guy was from Ock Pop Tock Handicraft Centre which we visited yesterday and he was busy weaving a basket most probably.

The ladies selling food looked prettier that day and they were all wearing their national dresses, and most of them were clad in similar red shawls. We did not know the halal status of the food which looked delicious so we dared not try any.

As there was no sign of any cultural show to start, we left the place. At the same time, the ladies did not do any shopping as the original and beautiful Lao fabrics could be very costly, hence the short time spent there.