Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Sultan Mosque from the window of
Zam Zam Restaurant

31st March 2017 ~ After the school visit at Swiss Garden Secondary School, the bus took us to the famous Arab Street. The (Muslim) men had to perform their Friday prayer, and the ladies the Zohor. We then had lunch at Zam Zam Restaurant which is popular for its Singapore Murtabak

We were then taken to the heart of Singapore city, the place where the Merlion could be found. For some people in the group, this was their first time in Singapore so they could be excited. As for me, I really need to make a comeback to explore all the museums and other interesting places in the area. I just never had the chance to do that.

the Esplanade, with its durian shaped roof,
which actually is the microphone

We could not stay longer because; (1) the sky had turned darker and there were thunders in the sky, and (2) there was one more place to go (or shop) and at the same time, we had to be at the Immigration Checkpoint before five to avoid the crowd.