Wednesday, April 12, 2017


18th March 2017 ~ There was this one huge yellow field near Osaka Castle. At first I thought it was a sandy but it turned out the field was covered with dry yellow grasses. 

There was this building which could be something like a Japanese Tea House. People came here to experience having tea Japanese style obviously and they could even try the kimono and the male traditional costume and get themselves photographed.

I really love this part of the Castle as the view was magnificent. And there were not many people here. I just got to know the name of the park is Nisi-No-Maru Garden and this is one of the places where people of Osaka would have their picnics under the sky when the sakuras (cherry blossoms) are in full bloom.

The grasses were surprisingly clean and I did not hesitate to lie down. We even performed our prayers here before moving on to the next spot.

I am now considering to come back here again somewhere in April, year unknown, specifically to see the sakuras.