Tuesday, April 25, 2017


19th March 2017 ~ I am adding another tower to the collection of towers I have visited around the world. :) You cannot miss this structure as it is located right in the heart of Kyoto city, opposite Kyoto Station.

Here are some interesting facts about Kyoto Tower I gathered from the Internet:

(1) Kyoto Tower is the tallest structure in Kyoto. Actually I could not see many high-rise buildings when I was in the city so this should confirm the inference I made.

(2) The public initially opposed the building of the tower as they thought the needle shape spire was too modern for Kyoto which is famous for its ancient shrines and temples. :)

(3) The construction of the tower was completed in 1964, the same year the Olympics was held to Tokyo and Shinkansen (bullet train) started operation.

(4) The interior structure of Kyoto Tower consists of metal rings stacked on top of each other.

(5) The structure of the tower could withstand the forces of typhoon and earthquake.

(6) You have to pay 770 yen to get up to the viewing deck 100 metres above sea level.

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