Friday, April 21, 2017


the handwritten hotel card

To search for the most reasonable accommodation in Osaka this time I used Airbnb for this time. Upon checking-in, I was surprised to find out that I actually had booked a dormitory that could house 6 strangers at one time. Lucky enough, there was a private room still available so I decided to upgrade straightaway. I just needed some space for privacy as well as a place to perform daily prayers which seemed quite impossible in the small dormitory.

Zen Labo Guest House was strategically located in the city centre near Dotonbori. Other than that, it was near the train station and there were many convenient stores like 7-Eleven nearby.

The guests had to share the bathrooms and toilets. Our room was on the fourth floor and unfortunately, when we were there, the showers were not working so we had to go the common bathrooms on the second floor, which was quite a hassle.

All in all, everything was alright especially we were out early in the morning and would only be back by almost 11.00 p.m.