Monday, April 10, 2017


18th March 2017 ~ Once we got out of the castle's gate, we went exploring to see whether there was more. 

Tucked away from the main attraction, there were actually more ancient buildings that could be visited. They were definitely not as popular as Osaka Castle judging by the number of visitors when we were there. With our Osaka Amazing Pass, we did not have to pay any entrance fees.

The first building's name is Tamon-yagura Turret. From the outside, it did not look like a turret at all as no tower could be seen. It looked more like a huge warehouse to me.

Unfortunately, most of the information boards were written in Japanese so there was not much information. Actually visitors were equipped with  a big-sized pamphlet in English but then who would have the time to read the lengthy text with small fonts on a piece of paper while walking around the place?

[After reading the pamphlet] "Tamon" actually means terraced housing built stone walls which functions as a castle wall and also a warehouse for weapons and turret where soldiers stood at guard.

There was another turret to visit right after this one.