Tuesday, April 11, 2017


18th MARCH 2017 ~ The second turret is called Sengan-Yagura Turret, which has the same function like the first one. This building, however, was smaller than the first one.

Visitors had to take off their shoes before entering the turrets. Then the staff gave a pair of bedroom slippers and a piece of plastic bag to put the shoes into and carry them around.

There was another historic building nearby which was used to store gunpowder a very long time ago - Ensho-gura Storehouse. It was just a building with a small space, and there was no room at all. There was not much to see but the elderly lady staff inside was so determined to tell me about this place, in Japanese. *sigh*

The original plan was to see Osaka Castle only but we diverted and managed to see more. When I read other travelers' blogs, I had not come across anyone writing about the extra attractions near the Castle.