Sunday, April 9, 2017


18th MARCH 2017 ~ The most prominent landmark of Osaka majestically stood in font of my very own eyes. We just sat down under a nearby tree, admiring the view while munching away the food and drinks we bought for breakfast from 7-Eleven near the hotel. Then only we joined the crowd and the people in Osaka were having this long weekends at that time so the queue was unusually longer with local and foreign visitors in it.


We used the Osaka Amazing Pass so we did not have to get any tickets. People queued up at the entrance to get into the lift that would take them to the fifth floor of the Castle, and then only they used the stairs to get down.

The Osaka Castle was first built in 1583, burnt down when its main tower was struck by lightning in 1863 and was rebuilt in 1665, and was reconstructed by using ferro-concrete (whatever that is) in 1931. It is now converted into a museum for people to see the history of Osaka.

If you love history or museums, you would definitely spend more hours here. That was impossible for me to do on that day as there were too many people around. We were actually spending more time to squeeze in among the people around me to get into a space in front of the exhibits.

They had these tiny samurais which were crafted in minute details, and I loved this section very much. It reminded me the green plastic toy soldiers we kids used to play combat with long time ago, except the plastic figures were all green including the tanks and all other accessories.

Move away, people!

People could get access to the outer part of the castle to enjoy the view of the city from a higher level.

Photography was actually only allowed at certain parts/levels of the museum.

There was another old and classic building near the Castle which was still under renovation. I already have a reason to make a come back.

Apart from the huge crowd, I extremely enjoyed the visit there. This kind of structure always makes me wonder how did people of the past built such huge building with little technology, if compared to what we have today.