Wednesday, April 19, 2017


18th MARCH 2017 ~ The last place visited in Osaka was Umeda Sky Building. The two tall buildings are connected by a bridge which is known as Floating Garden Observatory. It was quite dark when we were there so I did not see any floating garden around.

This place was also swarmed by visitors and there was a (very) long queue at the lifts to get up to the bridge. *sigh*

With our Osaka Amazing Pass, we did not have to pay the entrance fee of 1000 yen.

Then we were on the observation deck, enjoying the beautiful Osaka, amazingly bright at night and the cool early spring air of the evening. With the large crowd all over the place, it was not easy to find a spot to take photos.

In every big city, there seems to be one prominent skyscraper for people to visit and I had "been there, done that" kind of moment for me to remember. However, if I were to make a return trip to Umeda Sky Building, I would go during day time as the view seems to be spectacular under the bright sun. (I have checked the photos on the internet.)