Monday, April 3, 2017


In our last leg of our school tour, we stopped at the canteen. There were a some stalls operated by different owners. With that, students would have more choices of food in school.

There were also Malay stall operators selling halal food for Malay students.

If the students take any eating utensils or plates from Counter 1, then they must be put back in its specific container after he/she has finished eating.

The coolest facility in the school will be none other than D'Hangout - the place for students to hang out. How the school authority manages this place was not asked but there was a student's committee put in-charge. I just wonder how would you chase students out of this place when they could just simply hang out for hours.

That should end our half day visit to Swiss Cottage Secondary School in Singapore. The teachers of SMK Dato' Jaafar definitely found the excursion very informative and educational. At least, there could be some positive ideas that we could emulate in our own school later.

the Science laboratory

they could even do wall climbing in school

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