Wednesday, April 26, 2017


19th MARCH 2017 ~ We went to this latest attraction in Kyoto - The Railway Museum. This was the place people could see all the trains of different generations under one roof, hence the very huge compound.

There was a very big crowd and long queue to buy the tickets. We were unfortunately there while the Japanese were having long weekends. The museum was just opened to the public in April last year so this could be one reason why the locals were still flocking at this site. I was quite sure only Mr. Syafiq and I were the only Malaysians were there at that time. I don't think Malaysians would come here for their holiday in the first place.

We could already see real trains stationed in their "docks" which were designed like a real train station. We had already spent a lot of time here even before entering the main exhibition hall.

NEXT POST: the visit inside the main exhibition building.

to be continued in PART TWO