Thursday, October 5, 2017


29th AUGUST 2017 ~ Rizal Park is another tribute to the national hero of the Philippines, Jose Rizal. This is a  huge stretch of an open area with Intramuros at one end, and the Manilay Bay at the other. This should be a favourite hanging out space for the Filipinos during weekends and public holidays.

 The first local warrior we met at Rizal Park was Lapu Lapu. His huge statue was to commemorate all his bravery to fight against the Spaniards. He killed Ferdinand Magellan and the Philippines was a free country until the Spaniards made their comeback 40 years later. 

Another huge museum that could be found there was labelled the Museum of Natural History but it was not yet in operation when we were there. I have to check the internet about this place.

There were also numerous statues and sculptures of all the past heroes in the history of the Philippines.

The Rizal Monument, with the two guards of
the Philippines Marine Corps

We found the heart of Manila - kilometer zero.

We were there late in the afternoon when the sun was about to set in the horizon. There were actually other interesting spots in the park that we could not visit as time did not permit. And we had other plan too after this. 

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