Monday, October 9, 2017


30th AUGUST 2017 ~ We first saw Ayala Museum when we went to the Greenbelt Shopping Mall on our first day in Manila. It was not opened on Monday unfortunately so we had to go back on the third day. And it was worth the long walk all the way from the hostel and back.

We had to pay entrance fees at the counter and had to pay extra to get access to third floor where exhibitions on the history of gold and ceramics were held. However, photography was not allowed at this section.

On the first floor was the diorama exhibits which unfolded the history of the Philippines from time immemorial. I found the the display was done according to a lengthy and detailed timeline. I should have learned the history of the country better and by the time I left the Philippines, I was more like a historian rather than a tourist. Everything was truly impressive.

This should be the very last place in the itinerary before we went home. We spent more time walking at the malls looking for souvenirs after that. And there were many more museums in Manila that we did not go due to time constraint but this should be a good reason to make a comeback in the future.

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