Saturday, October 7, 2017


We, the Angklung Group of SMK Taman Universiti, were invited to perform at one of the booths at Kota Iskandar for "Ekspo Johor Berkemajuan" [TRANSLATE: Developing Johor Expo] today. The organizer, Perbadanan Pengangkutan Awam Johor, provided us a bus and every member was excited as usual to travel together even though it was just a short distance.

However, our happiness was short-lived. At first, there was a very bad traffic jam on the highway to Kota Iskandar, all the vehicles seemed to be heading to the same place. Students were already telling they smelt something burning in the bus. And finally the bus came to a complete halt as it could not move anymore, on the busy highway. We were actually behind time so we had to wait for another bus to pick us up.

Then, the driver went out of the bus and stopped another bus for us on the road. We had to get into the other bus and unload and reload all the angklung and the other equipment.

The road congestion was not getting any better and the new bus driver told us we had to get down at this one place in the middle of the road and walk to the expo. It was not near at all and with all our musical instruments, this should be something challenging for us.

Malaysia is a very hot country. Nevertheless, just imagine what would happen to us if it rained. I just got my vitamin D supply reloaded today.

I met a new friend who joined our group walking from the main entrance. He even took my phone number as he was interested with our music ensemble group.

And we finally arrived at the venue, Dataran Mahkota. *sigh*

The place was actually quite small and crowded. That should not be a problem as we could always adapt well to the environment and make the place like home. There was also another choir group from SMK Scientex Masai performing.

some sort of rehearsal for us

the choir group
receiving souvenirs from a railway company from China

We then had to wait some more for the Prime Minister to walk into the "space" we were in.


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