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WHERE? First thing first, let's get some Geography facts right about Makassar and Sulawesi. Sulawesi Island, the 11th largest island in the world to the east of Borneo, south of Philippines and east of Maluku. Makassar is located in the South Sulawesi region and is the capital city of the island, is also known as Ujung Pandang. Thanks to AirAsia, now everyone can fly to many new places all around Asia.

WHY MAKASSAR? After the long research done on the internet, I was quite confident that I could survive on my own at this place. Unlike other busy cities in Indonesia like Jakarta and Bandung, Makassar seemed more relaxed and there were places I could reach on foot.

HOW TO MOVE AROUND? Everything is quite convenient. From the airport, I took a shuttle bus which cost me only Rp27 000. The bus was air-conditioned and comfortable but would have to go through the traffic jam if you were unlucky. If you want to get to the city faster, then you should get a cab at one of the counters and ask the driver to get into the toll highway. (You have to pay for the toll ticket). I chose the bus as I was not in a hurry.

When in the city, you could always walk from one place to another, if you don't mind the hot weather (but that should be better than walking in the rain). I was on the trishaws twice and each ride cost me about Rp20 000. That sounds expensive but I did not do any  bargaining and I thought the operators deserved that amount of money for cycling me to my destinations. And I got this guilty feeling for being heavy and the cyclists would have to do extra hard work for me. Other than that, taxis are also in abundance and the good news is that, Uber (and Grab) is here on the island. If you are adventurous enough, you could hop on the "pete pete" with the locals, which is a van converted into a minibus, to move around.

WHAT TO DO? Frankly speaking, I did not set a high expectation of Makassar before going. This place is not a popular holiday destination among Malaysians as for one thing, it is not a place for shopping. I just wanted to see new places and people and as the city comprises of Muslim community, to try its local delicacies. And I was not disappointed. In fact, I was glad I chose this place to travel solo this time.

If you are still thinking of where to go and if you are travelling on your own and have a relaxing time, try Makassar. There are actually other scenic and exciting places for you to consider which are further away and require longer time to travel.

Don't forget to come back and read more of my adventure in Makassar, Sulawesi, Indonesia real soon.


Makassar at a Glimpse Upon Arriving
Pak Tjomot's Ayam Penyet Rice

Fort Rotterdam
La Galigo Museum
Sunset at Losari Beach
Amirul Mukminin Mosque
Es Pisang Ijo
Coto Makassar
Port Paotere
Takapala Waterfall in Malino
Buying Passion Fruit in Malino

Eating Grilled Fish on Bili Bili Lake
Losari Beach Early in the Morning
When Losari Beach Became Lively on Sunday Morning
Sunday Morning Maket at Losari Beach
Bantimurung National Park [PART 1] [PART 2]
"Gua Batu" at Bantimurung National Park
Butterfly Museum at Bantimurung

Butterfly Park at Bantimurung
Konro Soup
Trans Studio Makassar
Es Teler
Pisang Epe
Makassar City From the Hotel Rooftop
Benteng Somba Opu
The Museum at Benteng Somba Opu
Wet Market at Makassar
The Makassar Fish Market
Somba Opu Shopping Street
Souvenir Hunting in Makassar
Eating Grilled Fish at Lae Lae Restaurant
Karebosi Mall
Quality Plaza Hotel
Sultan Hasanuddin International Airport

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