Tuesday, October 10, 2017


My birthday is here again. Even though I am not keen to celebrate the day I get older, I am still thankful to be able to enjoy life.

The first surprise birthday celebration was done a bit too early by the Angklung Group members, 5 days before the real date but it still had to be carried out despite my endless complaints. The cake was specially home-made by Mr. Aliff Irfan's mother and sister.

There was a firework stick on the cake but nothing was burned in the computer lab. Watch the video as the cake is making its grand entrance.

On the 9th of October, Puan Nurul Bariah, an ex-student who is now also an English teacher, presented me with three slices of birthday cake after the class at Asrama Felda. This was something I really did not expect. She even made the girls at the hostel sang a birthday song for me, which was actually embarrassing. :)

When I thought now that I am teaching further away from SMK Taman Universiti, I would not get a cake from my old friends, there was one sent to the office. A few colleagues (of SMK Dato' Jaafar) decided to go and eat noodles at a stall near my house and I joined in so I could share the cake, but this was not specifically a birthday celebration session for me. Sharing is caring.

Thank you to everyone for the warm birthday wishes and prayers, on Facebook, WhatsApp or Messenger. May we all be blessed and stay healthy, and be able to wish each other another "happy birthday" again.

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