Thursday, November 30, 2017


This was the first class ward where I stayed from the 14th to 27th November 2017. I was eligible for the facility most probably because of my present grade as a government servant. At the same time, the first class ward only accommodates patients who are not seriously ill and do not require a doctor's supervision round the clock. For any emergency case, the doctor from the main ward will be summoned and that should take quite some time for the doctor to arrive.

I saw the doctor who supervised me once a day and other doctors would come to change the old drip tube and attach a new one, or to take the blood samples. The nurses were the ones who would regularly come to give medicines and antibiotics, take blood pressure and temperature regularly day and night.

I got a single room all to myself. More privacy and hence, I got all the rest I needed - in fact, I got more than enough, I had already planned to run away from the ward.

Thank god there was a TV set with one channel which could be viewed clearly. I watched all the programmes from morning until night - all the talk shows, cartoons, soaps and dramas.

I even had a balcony overlooking another hospital block.

The food was good, for someone who is not fussy about eating. I would have to remind people not to bring anything before visiting or else I would not be able to eat all the food.

This is the spot I used to carry a chair, sit for long hours and watched the sea (or sometimes read). It was near the lobby near the lift where it was warmer. There was some sort of development project going on on the ocean in front of the hospital, and what a relief, I did not have to stay and see a building being erected on the water.

That should be the longest stay ever in the hospital for me and pray, let that be the last one. The service was excellent and I had nothing to complain at all.

spot the patient

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NOTE: photography is prohibited within the hospital compound. :)