Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Another traditional food of Makassar in my list was "Coto Makassar". From the name, it is similar to our local "soto". However, "Coto Makassar" is eaten with "ketupat". [rice boiled in woven coconut leaves]. In Makassar, "ketupat" is common. It can be found every day at restaurants (and the hotel's cafe too), together with "burasak" [rice boiled in banana leaves]. I think they call it "buras" there. I found that they were using other kind of leaves for the "ketupat" as it was much harder than the usual ones.

Other differences would be the soup comes in smaller bowl and the gravy is much thicker and rich with spices. I was sweating after eating but it was really delicious. And there was no "bergedil" [fried minced potato and meat] to accompany the soup. But I was not complaining.

other local food sold there

MY VERDICT: definitely a must-eat local dish when you are in Makassar. I don't mind going back there again just for the food.