Thursday, November 9, 2017


14th OCTOBER 2017 ~ On the morning of the second day in Makassar, I decided to go to this one popular tourist spot in the city - Port Paotere. This was a harbour with many wooden, traditional ships called "Pinisi" could be found. There are other smaller islands surrounding the big Sulawesi island, hence people use boats as one of the means of transportation.

You could observe people really worked hard for the money here.

There were also bigger modern ships harboured here. They might be used to transport heavier, bigger and bulkier items.

There should be a fish market somewhere here but I did not see one. I read on the net that you could buy the fresh fish and took it to a nearby stall and get it cooked. Furthermore, I was on my way to another destination further away so I could not spend too much time here.

There was an entrance fee of 3000 Rupiahs at the gate. The cheapest entrance fee I have paid ever to a tourist spot.