Wednesday, January 13, 2010


patiently waiting for the food to arrive
delicious prawn noodles

lemon grass iced-tea

Officially, I can go back to my normal life now. Today, everybody was happy as we all had successfully completed our seasonal duties. It was not an easy job, but it was somewhat fun especially when I had the chance to some familiar faces once in a blue moon.

As usual, we went for lunch before we went our separate ways. So this time we chose D'Idaman Cafe, a restaurant which is actually the one managed by the hotel where I had been staying for the last few weeks. Most of us ordered the cafe's specialty which was called Mi Udang Kuala (prawn noodles) and Teh Serai (tea with lemon grass). Surprisingly, the noodles were good and the tea was refreshing, something new to my taste buds. My comment: highly recommended, something worth trying. By the way, if you follow my blog, most of the events written here are related to eating activities. No wonder people are complaining that I am getting fat. Help!

That's it about my new discovery of the quaint town of Parit Raja, Batu Pahat. I wonder when the next time will be.