Thursday, January 21, 2010


David Downey Jr. looked more like Barry Manilow in the movie poster

Many friends from my FB recommended this movie. At first, I had a dilemma whether to watch or not, but after checking the schedule on the internet, I had no choice. Today was the last day so it was now or never, and furthermore the ticket was cheaper on a Wednesday.

So the movie is about Sherlock Holmes, the master of all detectives, old school style. Something like CSI, but there are no hi-tech gadgets to help him solve any problems. So what he needs are his amazing senses and deduction skills, as well as his strong knowledge of science. The movie looked quite serious to me but it was actually a comedy, and you could only laugh if you listened to the Britsh-accented speaking characters' dialogues real carefully. By the way, Robert Downey Jr., who played Sherlock Holmes, just won a Golden Globe award for his role in this film.

Great acting and entertaining in its own way but not many people will appreciate this kind of story. What more, too much science makes me a bit delusional. So you better go watch Avatar.

And I guess this could be the last movie for now. There are other things to do, and I have stopped reading for quite some time. But, you will never know.