Sunday, January 17, 2010


Not actually a farmer - basically the things I do are buying plants, moving the (heavy) flower pots here and there, and watering the plants regularly. The other necessary work is done by my sister. But still, I do hard work than those so-called farmville's farmers who do the farming work by a click of a mouse. It is always a pleasure to see the multi-coloured bougainvillea blooming constantly and the flowers will last for quite some time. Not that difficult to tend to, just make sure they get enough sunshine and water, and perhaps a bit of fertilizer once in a while. The utmost important thing would be tender loving care. In the Malay language, the flower is literally called paper flower because the structure and the thickness is just like a piece of paper.

I will try to get more plants for my house. Plants are supposed to be good. More photosynthesis means more oxygen. Now, this sounds more like a biology class.

[NOTE: I was just experimenting with my Olympus FE-5010 digital camera and the pics turned out quite okay, and I spent more time editing, cutting and pasting, the original photos. Perhaps I should start taking up photography. Now everybody wants to be a photographer.]