Sunday, January 17, 2010


As usual, we have to sacrifice our Sundays for school activities. This is due to the fact that there is no free Saturday for all the students to meet. A school with two sessions and very limited space and time to gather people at the same time, so we are left with not much choice actually. Nevertheless, I am very happy that the students willingly come to school even the practice is held at the moment when everybody else is still soundly sleeping at home or watching television.

two ex-students who came: Mutalib and Haziq
the teachers: Mr. Hisham and Mr. Masrizal

The first group which was in school were the Kadet Bomba (Fire Brigade Cadets) boys and girls. The marching practice started last Sunday and today many more people turned up; there were about 74 participants. I just wonder if the number will increase next week, or will it be the other way around. We teachers have already some ideas in our minds for the upcoming activities and hope we can have camping again this year.

The other group who was staying at the school canteen was the school chess team. They also made their opening moves on the chess boards last week. They were preparing for the coming MSSD tournament which is scheduled to be by the end of this week. We emerged as the district champion last year but we are not that sure whether we can bring back the trophy this year, but we will try very hard.

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