Monday, January 25, 2010


with the 2KAA students
with Mr. Masrizal and Mr. Nasir

School today was not like any other days. Can you find any difference? It is something rare to see me and other Malay male teachers wearing songkok (some sort of a headgear) during school days. And there was a piece of white cloth, which should be about 2 inches in width, around the songkok. That was actually to mourn for the death of the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Iskandar Ibnu Almarhum Sultan Ismail who passed away on 22nd January 2010. The last time I was wearing the same style was when I was in primary school, back in 1981. The mourning period will go on for the whole week, until Friday. As for the non-Muslims, they have to wear a piece of black cloth (supposedly 3 inches in width) around the arms' sleeves. I just wonder whether the boys will be less active when they are wearing songkok. I am going to observe and if it is true, then I want to propose it to be compulsory throughout the year. That will make every teacher's life easier.