Saturday, January 30, 2010


This was a treat long overdue. They were brought to lunch out at Burger King, Skudai, because when they were in form two, they had helped me to lock all the door grills of the school's staircases throughout the year. And the second reason, Khalil is going off to a boarding school by next week. Just a small effort to show my appreciation for their willingness to help me which was actually priceless. Actually I still owe one more student the same kind of thing but I will try to make it in the future.

Zharfan in the red shirt

and this is Khalil

And I bumped into two ex-students who are now working part-time at the Petronas Kiosk which the fast food outlet is attached to. They are waiting for their SPM result which is not yet released. From faraway I could spot Muadzakiy at the petrol pump. And right after that, I met one more, Akmal, who is one of the restaurant staff. One of the advantages (or disadvantages) of teaching is you have very high probability of meeting students and ex-students alike just anywhere and everywhere. That is one of the reasons why until now I have never stepped foot into Jusco Taman Universiti and also the pasar malam because I know they are lurking around. The real truth, it is always a pleasure to see people I know (or perhaps I have forgotten), to be greeted or when they introduce themselves and telling me that once they were my students.

with Akmal in the restaurant

with Muadzakiy at the kiosk

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  1. teacher~kimsiong is now working at jusco too!!

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