Sunday, January 10, 2010


with Mr. Kamaruzali in front of M-Suite Hotel

I had the opportunity to meet one of the seniors from college when he was here attending a seminar. When I first registered in Fourth College in UPM back in 1997, Mr. Kamaruzali's room was just one floor under mine. So his room was one of the favourite places for me to hang out when there was nothing much to do. And his roommate was the late Mr. Rahiman Hassan Basri. Other than chit-chatting or sharing snacks, instant noodles or drinks, one of the favourite things that I remember we used to do was listening to this one radio programme which was aired late on Sunday night. In that programme, people would write in telling their real lives experience, mostly about falling in and out of love, and then it would be followed by songs which were related to the theme of the story being read. Life was much simpler during those days, we could just depend on transistor radios.

It is always a pleasure to see old friends, either from school or university. The reasons could be how life was much more fun back then and how we have missed the good old days...

Thanks Mr. Kamaruzali, for the time as well as the treat. Hope to see you again some other time.

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