Thursday, January 14, 2010


Yes, I know I am a bit behind time. But, better late than never. Recently it was announced that Avatar was ranked third in the box office tickets collection, behind Titanic and Pirates of Caribbean. So this was one strong reason not to miss this film.

The story line is quite simple: an ex-marine, Jake Sully, goes on a mission. He is being transferred into the body of a half monkey, half human kind of blue creature. So the creature (known as Na'vi) acts as an avatar to him while he navigates himself in other form in a different, exotic and mystical world. He tries to learn new things and in the end, he falls in love with a girl of the native and becomes one of them.

Intriguing story-telling, with magnificent pictures on the screen, you will soon find yourself being transported into a beautiful world where you can see things glow in the dark at night and you can ride birds and fly in the sky. DEFINITELY a must watch. Those who have not, you better hurry or else you must have missed a great movie in the history of mankind.

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