Saturday, January 23, 2010


Lucky enough, I am given the chance to teach in UTM again this semester. I heard only three part-timers are taken. This time I am teaching students from Fakulti Alam Bina (Built Environment Faculty) and only two people from another faculty. For the first time I have international students, three girls from Indonesia, and they speak English quite well. And I am quite happy because there are only 27 students in my class.

with Razman and Puteri, the girl from Padang Sumatera
And the guy in black is Iziq, the class monitor

We had a replacement class today, to replace a class in the forthcoming week. As I need a few pics for my blog, so I asked the few remaining to pose and they promptly agreed.

The people in the photo:
Iziq, Puteri, Razman, Hazwan, Rika, Husna, Saiful,
Farid, Dila, and the other one I think is Diana. See,
I remember people's names.

As I thought the rest had left, a handful of them were outside waiting (for what or whom, I did not know) but they seemed excited when asked to get into the limelight. So, a replacement class was not that bad after all, just by looking at the smiles on their faces and that guy giving a special pose at the back.

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