Saturday, January 30, 2010


Four policemen came to school today; actually there were three policemen and a policewoman - the ones who came to take photographs of the scene were not counted. Had something serious happened in school? Of course there was something going on - but they were here for a good cause. We were having a series of talks given by the officers of PDRM. We invited the officers to deliver their talks in three different languages to the three main groups of students in the mother tongue with just one objective - effective communication. Not only to brief the students about discipline and general regulations that have to be obeyed, hopefully the kids had been motivated from this session. Congratulations to the Counselling Unit for their effort.

the officers of PDRM, Pn. Nilam (Principal), Mr. Punithan and Pn. Rafidah (counsellors)

the more the merrier: Mr. Faisal. Mr. Zahidi, Mr. Ng (the latest addition),
Mr. Rifqi, Mr. Shahrir, Mr. Nasir, Mr. Hisham and Mr. Masrizal

These photographs were taken after all the students had left. They were significant because we all had planned to wear Baju Melayu (Malay traditional attire) today. I always feel a bit uncomfortable in that shirt but it was not that bad actually. Other than that, today was the last day for the mourning period so we do not have to wear songkok with the white cloth again next week. The missing male teachers were Mr. Punithan who was busy in the Counselling Room after the event was over, Mr. Sin and Mr. Narasimman who were on duty at the gate and Mr. Reynullah who was not around the place. Now we have 13 males, outnumbered by the 58 female teachers. But united we will stand!