Saturday, October 29, 2011


This is another wedding scenario of ex-schoolmates got married to each other. While some people started falling in love since they were still in school, others only started to get to know each other after they had left school. I don't think the bride and bridegroom, Aishah and Norazlan, were in a relationship when they were in school but I am yet to confirm that. There were things happening in school that I was not aware of.

standing left and right: Maisarah and Farhana; sitting from left: Megat Khairun, ME, Hafiz and Hazizul

Luckily there were a group of ex-students when I arrived with Hazizul and they were all from SPM batch 2001. So it was not that awkward to sit with people that you did not know or to answer question: "Do you come alone?". We were luckier to get the chance to get ourselves photographed with the lovely newlyweds. And I saw people whom I recognized in the house.

with Fatimah Ahmedy, the bride's sister who was also an ex-student

the photographer, another ex-student, Helmy Affendi

To Aishah and Norazlan: May your life be filled with happiness and wishing you a life time of togetherness.