Sunday, October 23, 2011


I was again spending my time in Kajang for five days and four nights for the annual event. I was really looking forward to this because it was the time to see some friends and people that I know. Unfortunately, we were sent to the same hotel like last year so there was less excitement. If you want to look at the place just click HERE.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy - so Jack needed some time out to get some entertainment once in a while. Your stay in Kajang would not be complete without visiting the sate stall. On the third day, with two other friends (read: partners in crime), Mr. Asrolnizam and Mr. Hamidon, we went to the famous Haji Samuri Restaurant on foot in the evening. Even though it was raining and the traffic was heavy, we still made our way to the eating place. The truth was we could not stand the hotel food anymore as we already knew what to expect for every meal. The menu used was definitely the same with what we had last year. I have a very strong memory.

Actually on the second day, I had an earlier meeting with someone at PapaRich, a restaurant opposite the hotel. That person was Mr. Hashim Hasan, a senior whom I knew when I was in Fourth College, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia back in 1997 and 1998. However, after he graduated from college, we had lost contact until I got his number from another senior last year. Since his house is quite near, it was the best time to meet. Mr. Hashim did not change a bit so there was no problem of recognizing him. There was a mixed feeling to see someone whom you thought you would never be able to see again - after 22 years. And I hope we can meet again some other time, soon, when he comes back from Haj.

There was another gathering taking place on the fourth day with my TESL friends but the report will be published separately as there are many pictures to post.

Nevertheless, despite all the meeting, gathering and outing, the main focus will still be the work that had to be done there.

people very hard at work

people not-so-hard at work

a more formal group photo

at the hall while waiting for the time to disperse

After five days, finally, everybody had to say "goodbye" to everybody else before going home to continue with our work at home. Hopefully, if god permits, we will see each other again next year but please let it be in a different hotel which at least is near to a shopping complex.