Sunday, October 9, 2011


After the faculty, we quickly continued with the journey around campus to a few more places before I had to get my 6:00 p.m. bus back home to Johor Bahru.

What does this represent, I wonder? Anyone?

A late lunch of lasagna IIUM style

the entrance to the administration building

the main campus entrance


the open ablution area

The last place that we stopped at was the Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque which is located in the centre of the campus. Although at that time it was quite late for Zohor prayer (at about half past three) but there were many people in the praying hall. If they were not performing their prayers, people were sitting in small groups carrying out discussions. Most probably because of its strategic location, it was a good meeting place for the campus community.

souvenir from KAED IIUM

That was the end of my short stay in IIUM, which lasted for about 3 hours. Although it was brief, I believed that my friend had shown me the important places of the university. I hope that I have inspired my students enough and many of them will go there to further their studies in the future. Go and surf the net for further information of the courses available on your own.

So thanks a lot to my friend Mr. Abdul Razak Sapian (I am trying to get informal here) for (i) showing me around the campus even though he was still fasting for 4th day of Syawal (2) giving me the lunch treat (3) giving me a souvenir to take back home (4) sending me all the way to the old KTM station even though I insisted to be sent only to Gombak LRT Station. I will not forget your warm hospitality and hopefully we can meet again some other time.