Wednesday, October 5, 2011


It was time for my 1KP1 students to bake for my English class as they were doing writing with the theme of process and procedures. I started this session last year and decided to do it again with a new batch of students. They were divided into two groups as the room could only accommodate half of the class at one time.


copying down the recipe

17 girls turned up as early as 7:30 a.m. and the enthusiasm could be seen on the faces of each and every one of them. 7 groups worked in pairs while there was one group which consisted of three people.

watching the demonstration from Puan Suzana

girls busy at work

before and after

the happy bakers

the smiles of success


step 1: listen and observe

When only five boys turned up at the Home Science Room, I was at first a bit disappointed. Nothing could be done - you could not force people who did not want to learn. As the saying goes, you can always bring a donkey to a well, but you cannot force it to drink. Nevertheless, there was always a blessing in disguise. The boys could do their individual baking and as there were three spaces left, three teachers had to fill in the spaces, including me.

men at work

From observation, even though there were only five boys, they worked much faster than the girls. Most probably because they had no one to talk to while doing their work so they could concentrate more on what they were doing.

"everything you can do, I can do better,
I can do everything better than you."

presenting... [drumroll] my very own cup cakes...

the successful male bakers with the teachers

At the end of the session, the participants looked very tired (exaggeration) but were very happy indeed with the fruits of their labour. And hopefully, they had taken home the cup cakes home for their parents to see and make them proud.

So thanks a lot to Puan Suzana Sidek for all the time spent for us, Miss Lekha [UTM English trainee teacher] for helping us throughout the session and not forgetting Puan Zaini Yahya for letting use the Home Science Room and the cooking utensils. Hopefully we can do this again next year.

If you want to know the recipe of the cup cakes, click HERE.

P.S. As for the 1KP1 students, do not forget to pass up your essay in class next week.