Sunday, October 30, 2011


Many people think that ping pong originated from China, especially when many ping pong champions come from that country. However, from the articles that I read on the internet, the game actually came from England.

Do you know that ping pong got its name actually from the sounds that are produced when the ball is hit by the players' bats, back and forth? I first heard about this from a student's oral presentation in class and to see that he was not bluffing, I checked the internet and it is actually true. Isn't truth stranger than fiction? :)

The students from Electrical Engineering faculty cum ping pong buddies

My ping pong session has started when I found the right people who share the same interest, and thank God for that. It is not easy to get friends to play with. The reasons: they play other games like badminton or futsal, and not ping pong, they have to do other important things or they just don't play any games at all during their free time.

an ex-student from Computer Science Faculty, about two weeks ago

By now, I feel healthier and slimmer. Too bad, this weekend will be Idul Adha so people will be busy celebrating and eating more than they should [including me]. And by the next ping pong session, I will grow fat already but I will always be looking forward to it.

I will try to write about the benefits of playing ping pong one of these days so that people will see why it is a good game to play.