Saturday, October 1, 2011


The last event for the already officially retired Mr. Ong is the hi-tea session at Seri Mutiara Hotel and this time we invited the glamorous Mrs. Ong to join in. [She did look young and stylish]. There were 38 people from school consisting of teachers and three mothers bringing their sons to the party.

while waiting for the bigger group in the bus to arrive

some of the food

The activities? Eating, chatting, eating, chatting, taking photographs, eating [and some went for their Zuhr prayer at the nearby surau] and the cycle went on and on.

the first mother-son pair

[taking a short break from eating for prayer]

the second mother-son pair

the ultimate group photoshoot

So I hope Mr. Ong has had a happy retirement and this was all we could do to thank him for his contribution to the many years of service in the field of education. Thanks also to my colleagues for their support to make this event a success especially (1) Puan Sharifah Rahimatul Hana Syed Ali, the Head of the Vocational Department for encouraging the department members to attend (2) Mr. Mohd. Sabri Mohd. Salleh (3) Mr. Masrizal Sayute (4) Mr. Hisham Abdullah (5) Pn. Lee Kim Luan (6) Pn. Sumiati Haleel (7) Pn. Rozita Ali (8) Pn. Sabariah Zainuddin (9) Pn. Noraliza Mazni (10) Pn. Law Siao Siu (11) Pn. Zahrah Abd. Karim (12) Pn. Maznah Ismail (13) Pn. Zah Kadir (14) Pn. Fabilah Baharom and son (15) Pn. Hamidah and son (16) Pn. Zaini Yahya (17) Pn. Zainab Mohamed (18) Pn Lim Beng Guat (19) Pn. Hashazah Hashim (20) Pn. Suzana Sidek (21) Pn. Ruhaidah Tamat (22) Pn. Low Bee Yen (23) Ms Hui Chui Ching (24) Ms Wong Sheet Ling (25) Pn. Norhafizah Zulkifli (26) Pn. Nazia Naim and son (27) Ms. Maizura Abu Hassan (28) Ms Firdaus Abdullah (29) Mr. Ng Che Kim (30) Pn. Zur'Aisyah (31) Ms. Wan Nor Azrin and (32) Ms Cheong Vee Wen