Monday, October 3, 2011


The form three students are going to sit for their PMR exam this week and as a consequence, the school can only accommodate a few classes in one day as the classrooms, desks and chairs will be used throughout the session. As usual, I asked my form one students to come to school today so I could introduce them to the one movie I never get tired watching "The Sound of Music".

The viewing was done in the Computer Lab and I was glad there was a pair of new speakers and a woofer which made watching the movie a cineplex kind of experience.

I hope that the students who came to watch the classic film had loved the movie and enjoyed themselves. I asked them to comment and how they like or dislike the movie. These are a few responses given on Facebook:

Syazani Aqilah: "It is a nice movie. It teaches us to love and be loved."

Hakimah Athirah: "I love the movie. It is full of love and laughter."

Muhammad Hanan: "The movie was okay. It shows us that music is for everyone and it makes us feel better."

Ravi Sekaran: "It also made me feel better and the music was awesome."

Christina Jane: "The movie was awesome and it should be watched by students together in class. Thanks to Cikgu Zainal for showing us that even musical movies could be entertaining."