Tuesday, October 11, 2011


birthday cake from Puan Nor'ashikin and Mr. Mustafa Kamal

Thank God, this year there was no cutting the cake with people clapping hands and singing birthday song. That might look joyous to people observing but quite embarrassing to the person being celebrated, to me at least. I feel like people are happy to know that I am getting older.

birthday cake from Puan Maznah and friends

Celebrating one's birthday should not only be limited to that actually. We must realize whatever wishes received on our birthday are actually prayers for us, and Allah is kind enough to grant them. And with modern inventions, like handphones and Facebook, we could easily pray for one's well-being on his/her birthday.

"pulut kuning" with "serunding" topping from Puan Noraliza

I was happy to see many people - friends, colleagues, students and ex-students, had taken the effort (and trouble) to post birthday messages on my FB wall. It looked like a reunion session was taking place as I started to see people whom had been missing in actions suddenly popped out on my PC screen on my birthday. I tried my best to respond to each and every message I got, some with just one line while a few with lengthy exchanges of messages back and forth.

the boys sharing the same birthday

So thanks everybody as well as those who sent birthday wishes on sms. If you had sent mms or whatever thing that could only be accessed with hi-tech gadget, sorry my phone is the cheap one. I kept getting messages that read: 909 message cannot be displayed.

Thanks also for the two cakes given. And thanks to Puan Noraliza Mazni for the mini potluck held today, with the "pulut kuning" and "bubur kacang". And thanks Puan Nadzlina for the beautiful birthday present. May Allah repay all you kindness.