Monday, July 2, 2012


SUNDAY, 1st JULY ~ The first wedding reception that I went to was of an ex-student, Mahfuzah Mohd. Noor. I was invited by his younger brother Mohd. Nadzmi, but since many of the siblings went to the same school, I also know the father by now. The reception was held at Rumah Alumni UTM and there were many students and ex-students in the hall so I felt as if I was at home. By the time we arrived, the married couple were not there yet but I had to make my move to another wedding reception.

with students and ex-students
the hall
the card
the siblings (not the bride/bridegroom) cum ex-students
The next venue was at Kampung Melayu Kangkar Pulai. Another ex-student, Syahirah Ahmad Shahlan was tying the knot to someone I did not know though. I was invited by her brother and sister-in-law, Mr. Firdaus and Puan Noor Al-Iman, who happened to be my ex-students too. Fortunately, there was Mr. Hazizul accompanying me and there were quite a number of familiar faces around: students, ex-students, parents and even an ex-school clerk. 



with the bride and bridegroom
Mr. Firdaus, Puan Noor Al-Iman and the daughter

I pray hard I would not gain weight after all the excess "nasi minyak". Thank God there is only one more wedding invitation before the arrival of the fasting month.