Friday, July 20, 2012


The exploration continued on the second day when the afternoon session had ended, So my ex-colleague, who was also my roommate, Mr. Ahmad Zaki, went to see more of Mersing.


grey sky is not good for my

after editing
the sea from the hill top
the city mosque
praying hall
Bukit Cantik (read: Beautiful Hill) is a spot where you can get a bird's eye view of the quaint Mersing town. Here, the city mosque is located. This place is nostalgic for me as once the Kadet Bomba boys participated in the National Day Parade for state level. We stopped here for our Subuh (dawn) prayer and it was the place where the parade started.


This place should be some sort of a recreational park by the river. Only a few people were there and they were all there to fish. I was excited a bit to see if they would be able to catch anything but I was not that lucky and had to leave as it was getting late.


young anglers at work


If you think the hectic city life is already boring you, and you are looking for a new place to start anew then Mersing is an option to consider. There will be no more traffic jam and definitely less traffic lights for everybody.