Sunday, July 8, 2012


Have you been brave enough until one day you regret for the action and decision that you have made earlier? This is what the movie is about. The main character, Princess Merida, went against her mother's word who wanted to find a husband for her. She felt not ready for it yet. With her tomboyish character, she was good in riding and archery and because of anger, she went to see a witch asking for a spell so that her mother could change. Nevertheless, she did not know that not only her mother would change her mind about her decision of marrying her off, but also the queen, Queen Elinor, had changed physically and was turned into a bear. (And later, even her triplet younger brothers ate the cake given by the wicked witch and became three cute baby bears).

From there, the Princess had to find a cure for her mother so she would not remain a bear forever but there were challenges she had to face. Hence, the title: "Brave". The last part of the movie was very touching indeed and Sarimah, my favourite deejay of Red FM (the station I listen to while driving) said she cried watching this part.

What I like most about the movie is that all the characters are speaking with a slight Scottish accent which has made it authentically Scottish other than seeing the men wearing kilts. I have listened to Irish school children speaking English on youtube before and I find that the intonation is the same (or almost similar). An animation which is full of folklore, action, drama and comedy, this is one movie suitable for teenagers and the young ones but the censorship board has categorized is as P13 (and "Ombak Rindu" is rated "U" - suitable for all ages). *sigh*